Amino acids

Amino acids are substances that play a very important role in the human body. They can be divided into endogenous and exogenous. The former can be synthesized by the human body, while the other must be provided with food, but in supplementation utilized are both essential as well as exogenous amino acids.

Amino acids play a number of very important functions in the body. They represent building blocks of all proteins. Sre involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin and build cartilage. Furthermore, amino acids are the starting product for the biosynthesis of important hormones, such as adrenaline and thyroxine, which arise from tyrosine.

They are often used in therapy, for example in the case of incorrect protein economy. Helpful are here, for example, ornithine, which streamlines and accelerates the liver, as well as methionine, which protects liver cells. While taurine lowers blood pressure. Moreover, amino acids have a positive effect on the nervous system, which can be demonstrated on the example of serine, which improves the flow of impulses. Serine, like glutamine, improves memory and concentration.


Amino acid supplementation is recommended in particular to those who lead an active lifestyle. The most popular supplements are those with BCAA, so branched amino acids, which include valine, leucine and isoleucine. This is a set of three amino acids, which are very important for both athletes practicing strength and endurance sports.