Complexes of vitamins and minerals

You can not deny that the main source of vitamins and minerals should be healthy food. Unfortunately, even in the case of those people who use a carefully balanced diet, often diagnosed is a deficiency of one of the important nutrients, such as iron, magnesium or vitamin D. Therefore, it is worth considering to take the complex of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin-mineral dietary supplements are those that contain carefully selected amounts of all vitamins and minerals. Such formulations are very popular among people leading a healthy lifestyle, because they do not harm, and may prevent problems that are the result of  a deficiency of such nutrients. There are groups of people, who are highly recommended to use supplementation of vitamins and minerals.


This supplement should be taken particularly by busy people whose diet differs from the recommendations of doctors and nutritionists. Vitamin-mineral complexes often take the elderly, for whom were prepared special products, tailored to the needs of the human body in the elderly.

For pecial complexes of vitamins and minerals also await women, men, children, adolescents and pregnant women. Supplements dedicated to specific groups differ in the content of individual components, because the demand for certain minerals and vitamins depends on age and gender, and changes in women during pregnancy.

People using complexes of vitamins and minerals should not exceed the recommended doses by a producer, because to excess vitamins and minerals can also be harmful.