Protein supplements

Protein supplements are major formulations used in athletes’ supplementation. The aim of such supplements is to supplement a protein level in the body, which is especially important after training.

Proteins help the immune system, and also acted as transport, storage and structural functions. By using a good protein supplement you can help the nervous system and cleansing the body. Choosing a good supplement requires, among other things, to determine the appropriate type of protein for you. Some are absorbed quickly and others slowly.

The first of these categories includes whey protein concentrate or isolate and hydrolysate, and the second – cazain, soy protein and albumin. The first are mainly used after training and in the morning, and the second before bedtime and between meals. Specific supplements differ in the content of protein as well. In this case, you should consider the type of physical activity and goals that you want to achieve through supplementation. The third difference between supplements are the taste. Contrary to appearances, this is not a minor difference, since the use of the supplement will be much more pleasant, if it tastes good.

Regardless of which of protein supplemnt was selected, you should adjust to the rules specified by a manufacturer regarding its administration. The use of too low dose will cause that a supplement will be ineffective, while taking excessive doses for a longer time can have a bad effect on health.