Iron is one of these components, which deficiencies are very often detected. To avoid this problem, as well as those healthy problems associated with them, you should use a proper diet, which can be supported by dietary supplements.

Symptoms of iron deficiency can be fatigue, pale skin, and memory problems. After a long time may also appear dizziness, shortness of breath, increase in heart rate, easy bruises creating bruising, and nosebleeds. Chronic iron deficiency leads to anemia. Iron deficiency are exposed women, who have a long and intense menstruation, as well as people suffering from gastro-intestinal and hemophiliacs.

For deficiency can also be responsible malabsorption and chronic diarrhea. The use of iron supplements is also recommended to people who intensively train, because iron improves muscle strength and supports regeneration, due to the acceleration of the synthesis of red blood cells. It is worth mentioning that the level of iron in the body depends, among other things. on the proper absorption, which need B vitamins and vitamin C. These ingredients make that the iron is better absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

Of course, iron supplementation can not replace a healthy diet, providing a proper amount of mineral important. Products rich in iron are primarily meat, eggs, shrimp, cereals, as well as vegetables such as peas, beans and broccoli.